RTCA/DO-160 EMI/EMC Training


DO-160 Sections Covered

Sect. 15 Magnetic Effect

Sect. 16 Power Input

Sect. 17 Voltage Spike

Sect. 18 AFCS

Sect. 19 Induced Signal

Sect. 20 RF Susceptibility

Sect. 21 RF Emissions

Sect. 22 Indirect Lightning

Sect. 23 Direct Lightning

Sect. 25 ESD

Don’t put your project and company at risk. Learn critical aspects of RTCA/DO-160.


About the Training

This onsite training is designed for companies seeking of certifying products to RTCA/DO-160. With proper training, you will avoid costly certification failures, requalification and program delays regarding to EMI/EMC and other electrical power problems. Understanding the challenges and design techniques to pass RTCA/DO-160 is critical for every aerospace project.

This training is intended for electrical, electronics and systems engineers looking to get a deep understanding of DO-160 including specific design architectures, circuits, and component selections. By the end of the training, the participants will understand the following

  • DO-160 Test Process
  • Critical DO-160 Sections
  • Design Best Practices
  • Specific Design Examples
  • Tools, Resources and Case Studies

This is the quickest and most efficient way to educate participants on RTCA/DO-160 design and test.

DO-160 Test Process

Before getting into the DO-160 Standard, the training will start by addressing the process, documents, and requirements needed for product certification.

  • Plan for Hardware Aspects of Certification
  • Qualification Test Plan, Procedure and Reports
  • Test Witnessing vs Test Setup Conformity

Know the important sections of DO-160 and stop wasting time on the rest.

Critical DO-160 Sections

This training will focus engineering efforts by showing which sections require only a broad understanding and others that require special design attention.

As we discuss the critical sections of DO-160, I will show you comprehensive design tips that will ensure that you pass.

Draw from decades of proven design experience by learning the specific requirements in DO-160 that cause expensive failures.

From schematic architecture to PCB layout, participants will be shown best practices to use on DO-160 designs

Start your next design with proven circuits that are detailed down to the component.

Best Design Practices

Learn circuit architectures, design rules and layout techniques that have been proven on flight critical hardware such as cockpit airdata systems and controls. These strategies will help you pass the toughest DO-160 requirements.

The training will go in-depth on design best practices to ensure participants have a deep understanding. A great foundation of design for EMC/EMI is required to pass the harsh environments of DO-160.

Specific Design Examples

During the training, you will be provided with detail specific design examples down to the part number that you can use right away. Let us customize this training by providing the requirements for your next DO-160 design.
Included in the training are designs for

  • 28VDC Power Lines
  • 115VAC Power Lines
  • Open/Ground Discrete Outputs
  • Open/Ground Discrete Inputs
  • 28V/Open Discrete Outputs
  • 28V/Open Discrete Inputs

By understanding the requirements and analysis beyond the examples provided you will be able to start any new design

Tools setup for detailed analysis to ensure your design passes RTCA/DO-160

Tools, Resources and Case Studies

Provided with the training is a flash drive with tools, resources and case studies that will allow engineers to apply what they have learned.

In addition to the presentation material, this handout will have lightning simulations and worksheets, decaying exponential pulse energy calculators, power domain analysis and more.

All the tools, resources and case studies have been customized to RTCA/DO-160 requirements and design criteria.