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AerospacePal’s mission is to help businesses and engineers understand and master RTCA/DO-160.

Whether you’re advancing your skills or looking at DO-160 for the first time there is something for everyone.

After leading engineers at large aerospace companies like Goodrich Corporation, UTC Aerospace Systems, and Orbital ATK, I found that my knowledge of DO-160 could help others outside the company walls. After all, there was no site on DO-160. There were no videos, no blog, no real help.

So I created it! One place with the best information on RTCA/DO-160.

I’ll help you get well-versed on RTCA/DO-160 with over a decade of experience designing, testing and qualifying the most critical aerospace sensors. Use this site to leverage my experience qualifying AirData Probes, Total Air Temperature sensors, Ice Detectors, Angle of Attack Vanes and more to RCTA/DO-160G and earlier versions.

Because these sensors are all critical to flight and mostly located on the outside of the aircraft, I have qualified to some of the highest levels of RF immunity and lighting susceptibility. With these sensors being so close to critical functions, the emission level would have to be just about the noise floor.


Here at AerospacePal, we use the latest and greatest techniques and strategies to ensure your product successfully passes the first time. And why not, it has all been done before.

I hope that you find the right tools you need to get the job done. And if you don’t, let me know. I am easy to reach here at

Thanks for visiting!

Angle of Attack Airdata Probes Ice Detector