RTCA/DO-160 Lightning Analysis Report

DO-160 Design and Qualification Testing

If you have designed aerospace products before you know that DO-160 Qualification Testing is a high risk. Induced Lightning Susceptibility is the most failed test during DO-160 Qualification because it includes Pin Injections and Cable bundle testing. And there is a lot to lose.



Average Cost of a Certified testing house like Element or TUV is $220/hr you are at the facility and an additional 10% for collecting the data and writing a report. Add it up and things get expensive fast.


Qualification Testing cost $40,000 a month

A redesign is not cheap either with a PCB spin costing 1-2 months of salaried employees.This is the type of thing that can kill a project. With these costs in mind, you really start to understand the risks.

My service will reduce that risk so you can feel confident going to Qualification Testing.

$299 DO-160 Lightning Report

For only $299 I will review your design and provide critical feedback to your RTCA/DO-160 Lightning Design. The report provided will

  • Find Failures
  • Identify Over Design
  • Flag Marginal Components

PASS DO-160 the first time

I have an automated process of analyzing circuit design that allows me to apply years of experience at an extremely low rate. Still, at this low of a cost, I am not making any money. However, I know you will be so happy with the results I have a customer for life

FREE Analysis Guarantee

That is why I will give you the report (and my time) for FREE if I find nothing. If the design has no issues, it will cost you nothing. Think about that!

This is a win-win situation. If your design has no mistakes then you owe me nothing. And if I do find issues, you will gladly pay the small fee to avoid large losses at Qual.


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